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"Nicolette truly has a gift. Let me tell you what was happening behind the scenes -- this child pictured was acting a fool. Running around and wouldn't cooperate for photos. My second son folded up his arms and protested. My oldest cried because he didn't want to wear the pants I picked out. A mess. Yet, Nicolette was able to cut through all of that and capture pure bliss with her camera. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Book her RIGHT NAH! <3"




"I booked with Nicolette because their was so much care in her images. Care is not a quality you can fake. I'm happy to see that what I saw held true in real life. She's not just a photographer, she's a real life care bear who takes pride, love and care in every capture. Peaceful is the emotion that was captured. I was brought to tears by the peace and honesty of the images. I'll have these photographs for several generations."




"I wanted to have a few portraits of my son and I done. For the first time in my life I actually valued myself and all that I was and it was through motherhood that I arrived there. I wanted to remember this special time. Nicolette was able to capture our relationship in the most beautiful way. She was able to capture exactly how I felt about myself. Her photos brought me to tears by their beauty and I know I will look at them years from now and remember this incredible time of my life and all that it was. Her entire process makes you feel as if you’re her only client. She goes so much farther and deeper than any other photographer I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Nicolette for your talent, kindness and creativity."




"I booked a "Mommy & Me" session with Nicolette as a birthday gift to myself and in hopes of making this a tradition for my son and I. I am not comfortable in front of the camera and my two year old is not able to sit still for long, but Nicki is so calming and professional that it somehow went smoothly. 


You can see in her work the amount of artistry and thought put into these sessions and that she is truly unique. I was drawn to her style from the moment I came across her instagram account. 

The final portraits are so beautiful, I cried during the reveal. Nicky is so amazingly talented, I never thought the photos could be so beautiful. I love that she offers prints and that they are a part of the reveal process. These will stay in our family forever. I am excited to bring my husband back for a family portrait and create a new family tradition."




"I don’t even know where to begin. Nicolette’s work speaks for itself. She effortlessly captures her clients, each in their own unique way. She connect with her clients personally and makes them feel comfortable. I loved that when I shot with my 3 year old, she was so patient and had some distractions for her! She is beyond creative in her approach and looks for ways to make your shoot come alive. I’ve now shot with Nicolette 3 times in the span of a month, so that alone should speak volumes. The experience was amazing, comfortable. We fed off of one another’s creativity. I could shoot with her all day! I’m am just in awe of her work. She has a lifelong client and friend! If you want heirloom quality, timeless portraits you MUST work with Nicolette!!!"




"Nicolette is the best! She makes you so calm, comfortable and she’s just an overall lovely human. Her work speaks for itself! Just gorgeous. Truly a unique, beautiful experience."




"For Mother’s Day I wanted to capture some special moments for my son and I. My son LJ was born 3 months early and my first Mother’s Day didn’t go as planned. So when the next year rolled around I vowed to myself that I would do something that would warm my heart for years to come! And selecting to do a photo shoot with Nicolette was the best decision that I could’ve made. The moments that Nicolette captured between my son and I will forever be cherished. The final images turned out better than I expected. And every single picture made my heart smile. Everyone loved all of our pictures and I can not wait to return so that we can create more beautiful memories with her!"




"My maternity photos turned out wonderful! She’s truly such an authentic artist with her photography, lucky to know a woman with such amazing talent."




"Nicolette is dedicated to getting you the perfect shot, if not many perfect shots. She pays attention to every detail during the shoot and has a unique eye for posing. She is easy to work with and you always receive amazing, natural looking but beautifully retouched images."

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