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about us


Most of my waking hours are devoted to crafting photographs and experiences to fall in love with again and again as the years go by.

Working from my home-studio, I use natural light and backdrops I've painted myself. I help you plan your outfits, hair and makeup by putting together moodboards and sharing our ideas leading up to the shoot. You are free to browse the studio's collection of hand picked vintage and handmade wardrobe pieces, and sip on coffee or tea while we make the magic.


Uncomforable infront of the camera? It's okay, we all are.  

My job is to guide you through the session, making you feel at ease. You'll even have fun! After the shoot, I spend hours artistically color-toning and polishing each and every image, then prepare your printed photographs for your Reveal Day. It's a huge labor of love, but it's what I was made for.

Everyone deserves to see themselves as works of art, and I intend to materialize that truth. A portrait by me celebrates your life by recording all of the beautiful lines, curves, shades, freckles, and nuances that encompass you to keep forever and pass down for generations.

To me, a portrait is an archived moment of you feeling wholly connected to yourself. It is a recording of self love and a marker in time. Whether it's just you, you and a loved one, or the whole family photographed together, my mission is to craft the most beautiful portraits you will ever have taken... Something for the great grandchildren to marvel at.

Nicolette Nunez Portraiture shoots on weekdays and weekends between 11am-2pm. To book, please visit the "Book A Session Page." 

Any questions can be answered through email. To reach us, please email



Nicolette Nunez was always a quiet child, but was loud in expression by way of  the visual arts. Drawing was the first love,​ and painting soon followed. Infatuated with the photography work of Richard Avedon, Joyce Tenneson and Peter Lindbergh, Nicolette saved up paychecks to  buy her first DSLR camera at the age of 16 to practice photography.

Nicolette attended Columbia College Chicago with the intention of a Graphic Design degree, but quickly learned formal school was not her ticket. Having taught herself everything she knew thus far, she decided to continue self-educating and began working as a freelance illustrator. After learning to digitally paint in Photoshop, she made digital portraits and animated GIFs on commission while employed as an art teach for an after school program in Engelwood and Chinatown, Chicago.

She also freelanced as a photographer at this time, and worked almost every genre of photography to make ends meet. This led to a full time position as an in-house photographer for a metal fabrication and furniture design company, where she captured in-shop action as well as product and intetior photography, and graphic design in Bridgeport, Chicago.

While thankful to be a professional photographer, Nicolette yearned for full creative freedom and a deeper connection to daily activities. In January of 2019, she quit her job and began her own venture: Nicolette Nunez Portraiture.

Despite a proficiency to work as a photographer in many fields, a decision was made to deep dive into a single genre. Her portfolio in weddings, fashion, workplace and boudoir revealed a collective theme: The photographs always celebrated the beauty and emotions of the face. To specialize in fine-portraiture made sense to the heart.


Drawing from years of experience in the visual arts and a continued personal study and dedication to visual art, Nicolette spends her days creating stunning portraits for clients from her studio in Chicago IL.

the studio


welcome to THE STUDIO

- The studio makes use of it's bright and beautiful natural light! 

- Our location has a freight elevator to our second story; children, seniors, people with disabilities, and strollers will have an easy time accessing our space. 

- Our collection of 15+ backdrops vary in color and texture and compliment a variety of wardrobes, skin tones, and moods. Some of them I have painted myself!

- The studio wardrobe consists of unique vintage and handmade pieces we can use to compliment your shoot.

- Our private dressing room is comfortable and makes hanging your wardrobe and changing children easy. 

We are located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

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