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{Q:} The women on your page look like models, but I am not "modelesque"... Can I still do this?

{A:}  YES! Modelesque-Shmodelesque. My service is for everyday women who want to transform the way they see themselves. The women on my page are NOT professional models, either. I will coach you in what kind of wardrobe to bring, conduct facial expressions, pose you into your most flattering angles (I am VERY good at this). You will leave with the best photos of yourself you've ever seen. You will leave feeling like a model. Any body type, any look, and any confidence level.

{Q:} What do your packages include?

{A:} For all pricing and package information, you can refer to this page. 

{Q:} Where does the photoshoot take place?

{A:} The photoshoot takes place in my photography studio located in West Town, Chicago (exact address provided upon booking.) My studio is filled with fun wardrobe, props, and backdrops that compliment a variety of skin tones. We have a private changing room and hot coffee waiting for you.

{Q:} I want to use your online Instant-Book feature. Will I still hear from you before our shoot?

{A:} Yep! Within 24 hours of booking online, I will start an email correspondence to answer any questions you may have. We can talk wardrobe, hair and makeup, parking, and more. We can also discuss any specific ideas you'd like to execute if you have them... I love making the shoot a collaboration of thought between my client and myself! Get excited!

{Q:} What does the FAMILY PORTRAIT session include?

{A:} The family portrait session covers individual shots of all participating as well as group shots! Different groupings will be arranged, as well as the total group capture. 2-6 people can join in the fun. Photos purchased in a small, medium, or large pacakge!

{Q:} I am interested in boudoir and see that boudoir photos on your page are still moderately dressed. Can I do something a little more risqué

{A:} GET IT GIRL! I can definitely accommodate nude and scantily-clad boudoir shoots. Exposed breasts and bums are totally welcome, but I stick to a portrait style. Boudoir is not erotica, and while that is certainly it's own beautiful and equal art I am a portrait photographer. If you like what you see on my page, I am your girl! 

{Q:} How much can you "edit out?"

{A:} This is a delicate topic. As far as skin, I happily correct any blemishes. My theory: if something could be remedied with the use of makeup or lighting, I will always perform the light and natural retouch. I do not change anything permanent (for example, warping the shape of your nose). So zits, undereye circles, unflattering shadows and scars (IF scar removal is requested) BE GONE! Major morphing is not a part of post production. For the body, I rely on my posing methods, camera tricks, and MINIMAL work in post to provide you with the most flattering photograph. I want you to see you are beautiful JUST AS YOU ARE!  It all comes down to trust <3

{Q}: I only want digital files. Can my price be reduced if I don't get the prints?

{A}: When you purchase an "image," that means you purchase the work it took to create the portrait. Preparing for the session, shooting, hours of editing and perfecting, buying equiptment and the cost of business are all things taken into account for pricing. The price also reflects my skill level. When you purchase an "image," you are purchasing the digital file. The print is complimentary because I believe in the power of physical heirlooms. The price is not reduced because the amount of work is not reduced. If you REALLY don't want prints or have room for them, they make wonderful gifts. :)

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{Q:} I want these photos to remain private due to my job (or just personal preference). Can I be guaranteed they will not be leaked?

{A:}  Of course. Because all photos are taken and finished by myself in house (editing is NOT outsourced, as that would make them vulnerable to theft), I can guarantee they are safe in my hands. I typically market with the images I take on my website and social media, but at each Photo Reveal, the client has the opportunity to decline this use of the photos - just let me know you don't want me to share! It should be noted that my boudoir photography is more about self-love and appreciation rather than sexed-up softcore, so it is doubtful anybody would do anything but admire. It's sensual, not sexual.

{Q:} Can I have a friend come with me during the session?

{A:} Yes! One friend is always welcome, and sometimes exactly the cheering voice you want to hear during a fun photoshoot! While converstaion and laughter is welcome, I do ask that the friend understands to not interfere with the process. Our time together is valuable! 

{Q:} What should I do to prepare?

{A:} Within 24 hours of booking I will send you my Photoshoot Guide that will fill you in on the additional details,  and ask if you have any questions about the shoot! Tips about wardrobe, hair and makeup will be shared as well.

{Q:} What are your print sizes?

{A:} All prints are 7x10 inches mounted for 11x14 frames. This means there is a removable white border around the image meant to be inserted with the photo into an 11x14 frame (frames are not included). At the Photo Reveal, you can request enlargements for additional costs. The digital copies are included with all purchased prints. The price does not change for "digital only."

{Q:} Do you photograph men?

{A:} I do! Although most of my portfolio boasts women, that just makes me more excited to have the opportunity to photograph men. I do not shoot men in the boudoir capacity, but fine-portraits are crafted with the same expertise as women, for men. 

{Q:} What's the differenece between the CLASSIC PORTRAIT session and the HEADSHOTS session?

{A:} While both sessions are intended for one person, they are very different shoots. The CLASSIC PORTRAIT session allows you to bring multiple outfit changes, do hair and makeup changes, and browse through the studio collection of vintage wardrobe pieces and props. We shoot on multiple backdrops and do many poses and moods. We really have a chance to get creative! The shoot can last up to 1.5 hours. This all ensures you a large gallery to choose from and a completely unique portrait series, unlike any photos you have of yourself. This shoot requires a sitting fee upon booking, and the photos are later purchased separately at the Photo Reveal.
The HEADSHOT session is different because you only get one look, and we shoot strictly on black and white backdrops. It's less of a creative portrait, and more of a fresh and modern take on a standard headshot photograph. It's great for resumes, auditions, online profiles and personal branding. Every professional should have one! The sitting fee is payed for upon booking and that payment also covers THREE full-resolution DIGITAL images, which are picked by you from a digital gallery of 8 images sent via email. This means no Photo Reveal or prints for this session, although the digital files sent to you are printable and shareable.

Still have Questions? Send us an e-mail!

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