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One Perfect Portrait/Sitting Fee Update!

Hello, Newsletter Family. I'm here to update you on the new sitting fee and pricing.

(keep reading for a coupon code!)

Previously when you booked a session with me, the sitting fee did not include photos (any photo you received was purchased separately in a package). With my new pricing, the sitting fee now includes one perfect portrait of your choice!

While there is no pressure to package up, the rest can be purchased in a small, medium, or large package.

The Power of


These days, there is an expectation of receiving tons of images from a photoshoot... I believe we can thank phone cameras for that. Nonetheless, QUALITY over QUANTITY is as effectual as ever, and truly what you should seek when commissioning a professional Photographer. Because hours of planning, connection, retouching, artistic editing, printing, and love go into each and every portrait my studio produces, quality over quantity is my focus.

With this sitting fee update, we remain accessible to those who don't wish to spend the investment on a package while still providing a beautiful, timeless, heirloom-worthy portrait to pass down for generations.

Is one portrait worth it? TOTALLY. In the past, the expectation to receive one great image from a photographer shooting film was widespread and that single image was cherished for lifetimes. And before that, families would invest in their legacy by commissioning an oil-painted portrait to ensure their descendants would feel connected to their roots. Today's benefits of digital photography allows for an even greater archive of portraits - which of course I love - but do not underestimate the value and importance of a single, powerful photograph.

What to Expect from your Session

I have always and will continue to cull each shoot to the most stunning 15 image collection for you. Because it is (literally) my job to create as many "OH MY GOSH I CAN'T PASS ON THIS" images as possible, the 15 image collection is created with the same passion for every shoot. Just know that you are never pressured into buying anything you don't love - if you are in it for the single image, that is fine!

My goal is to create a stunning portrait for you, and I can't wait to do it.

Warmest Regards,

- Nicolette

Use code PERFECTPORTRAIT at checkout for 15% off your sitting fee.

Be sure the coupon is applied before finalizing, as this can not be retroactively applied. This can not be applied to previously booked sessions. Code expires March 12th, 2021. Happy booking!

PS. I will be writing more blogs in the future! Up next, I will discuss the new package pricing and the amazing new products it includes. Other ideas: posing and wardrobe styling tips, a backdrop collection tour, and more. <3

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